Stay-A-While is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sheltering, caring for and placing cats into life-long homes. 

Choose to leave a bequest to Stay-A-While Cat Shelter


In Your Will:

Leaving a bequest in your will is a simple process. However, a will takes effect only upon your death, so you should consult a lawyer on the limitations of a will to decide what best suits your needs.

In Your Living Trust:

Living Trusts are a popular choice because you decide when the terms of your trust become effective. The terms can be put into effect immediately upon your death, or if you become ill or incapacitated.

Named As Beneficiary:

Stay-A-While can be named as the beneficiary of a specific dollar amount of your estate, or of specific assets. Alternatively, you can name Stay-A-While as a beneficiary of the remaining assets of your estate after specific bequests are made to others.

There are benefits and drawbacks to wills and living trusts. We strongly urge you to consult your own estate-planning advisor to ensure that your personal objectives are met.

admittance to Stay-A-While

What will happen when I am gone or no longer able to care for my cat?

Due to limited space and the expense of caring for a cat for the duration of his/her life, there is an admittance fee of $8000 for each cat into Stay-A-While Cat Shelter.

There is a 2% annual increase of the admittance fee from the date the contract is signed until the date the cat is admitted. The admittance fee can be paid by cash, life insurance, trusts or a will bequest. If the admittance fee is to be paid by cash, half of the amount must be paid at the time the cat enters the shelter. If the admittance fee is paid by life insurance, trusts or will bequest there must be legal documentation presented to the shelter when the cat is admitted, as to the amount and time in which the admittance fee will be paid to the shelter. 

The fee covers nutritional, housing, and veterinary care expenses and Stay-A-While agrees to maintain the general welfare of the cat for the entirety of his/her life.

It will be specified in your Long-term Cat Care agreement as to whether you would like your cat to be put up for adoption, fostered or live out his/her life at Stay-A-While. All information of behavior traits and dietary needs, as well as a signed statement by your veterinarian to release all records will be supplied by the guardian to Stay-A-While Cat Shelter.

Stay-A-While will only accept cats into this program that can be easily handled by the staff. This excludes all feral and semi-feral cats.

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