Stay-A-While is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sheltering, caring for and placing cats into life-long homes. 

Thanks to our generous contributors our cats are enjoying their amazing new home with plenty of room to roam with our screened in porches to enjoy the fresh outdoors.

Help Support Stay-A-While Cat Shelter

We need your support to replenish and maintain our funds for operations to continue and ensure our most important mission: provide a state of the art cageless, no-kill shelter that provides loving, compassionate and comprehensive care for cats and kittens awaiting adoption.

You can still be a part of the future and the legacy of Stay-A-While Cat Shelter by sponsorship opportunities. You choose an available room you want to sponsor and its required donation. On the Form below, please fill in the information and preferred method of payment. For confirmation of Room / Item Sponsorship availability, please contact Erik Kraenzler at sawcatshome@yahoo.com.

Single Sponsor Level

Shelter Building $250,000
Shelter Property $75,000

Room Single-Sponsor Level

(Name to be displayed on room sponsored)
Pounce House (Kitten Room) $25,000
Cat Nap Cabin (Cat Room) $25,000
Scratching Post (Cat Room) $25,000
Frisky Whiskers (Cat Room) $25,000
Top Cats (Office) $25,000

We are VERY grateful for your continued support!

Room Multi-Sponsor Level

(Name on group plaque displayed on room)

Meowy Maids (Housekeeping Room) $5,000
Kitty Kitchenette (Cat Kitchen) $5,000
Pampurred Paws Pantry (Cat Food Storage) $5,000
Laundro-cat (Laundry Room) $5,000
The Q Laundro-cat (Quarantine Laundry Room) $5,000
Chill Meowt (Cat Time-Out Room) $5,000
Comfurt Suite 1 (Nursing Mom’s/Transition Room) $5,000
Comfurt Suite 2 (Nursing Mom’s/Transition Room) $5,000
Relaxation Station (Break Room) $5,000
Chatty Cat Check-In (Front Desk/Lobby) $5,000
Purrfect Connection (Adoption Office) $5,000
Mewtility Clawset (Utility Room) $3,000
Sepurration Station 1 (Isolation Room) $2,000
Sepurration Station 2 (Isolation Room) $2,000
Litter Box 1 (Restroom) $2,000
Litter Box 2 (Restroom) $2,000

Outside Multi-Sponsor Level

(Name to be on group plaque displayed on item sponsored)

Landscaping $4,000
Parking Lot $4,000
Security and Fire Suppression Systems $3,000
Shelter Sign by Street $3,000
Recycle Collection Center $2,000
Furever In Our Hearts (SAW Cat Cemetery) $1,000

Paw Print Donation Level

(Name to be displayed in Paw-Print Trail Hallway)

Gold Paw Print $1,000
Silver Paw Print $500
Black Paw Print $250

I just want to donate to the "LEGACY GIVING FUND"


Please complete the Form on this page with your Sponsor selection and Donation.

Option 1: Pay by credit/debit card via PayPal (maximum $10,000)

Option 2: Pay by check
Complete and Print the form, and make out a check payable to Stay-A-While Cat Shelter. Please mail both to the address below 

Option 3: Wire Money directly to Charles Schwab Account #9926 – 1180. Document your confirmation number ________________
Complete and print the form, and mail to address below.

Option 4: Donate stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
Transfer stocks, bonds or mutual funds directly to Charles Schwab Account #9926 – 1180. Document your confirmation number ____________ Complete and print the form, and mail to address below.

Mail to Stay-A-While Cat Shelter:
SAW Legacy Giving Fund
Attn: Erik Kraenzler
9491 Greystone Parkway
Brecksville, OH 44141

If you have any questions, please email Stay-A-While Cat Shelter at sawcatshome@yahoo.com

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